Refuge in Rathess

The Battle of Calacia

The Story so Far

Sorcerer and adventurer Meliodus Xiao met with Aerius Sunspear and Marcus Scipio in the throne room of the city of Calacia, to discuss an expedition to the ruined city of Rathess. Suddenly, they heard war drums outside the city, signalling the arrival of Realm forces.

While Aerius and Melioius planned the defenses, Marcus infiltrated the Realm camp. He convinced the enemy commander that he was a noble wanting to defect, and assassinated him when he let his guard down. He fought off the commander’s bodyguards and escaped. The Calacians began the battle at a significant advantage, and quickly routed the enemy.

Following their successful fight with the Realm forces, the party returned to Calacia. Aerius’s scouts reported that the soldiers they fought were just the advance force of a much larger legion. As the council of war disbanded, a mysterious assassin attacked Aerius. She pulled a flame from a nearby torch and shot it at him as an arrow. Aerius flared his anima, getting Meliodus and Marcus’s attention. The three of them had the assassin on the ropes, when suddenly she vanished. They remembered the fight, but also remembered no fight having taken place. Confused, they briefly discussed making a plan for retreat, but Aerius would have none of it. Marcus and Meliodus decided to have the Calacian soldiers prepare a plan for retreat under the guise of siege preparations. Meliodus left to scout out a fallback point from the air, while Marcus went to disrupt the enemy.

Marcus figured he’d be unable to assassinate the enemy leadership like before, so he sneaked into the enemy camp and set fire to some supplies, cut horse lines, and generally caused mayhem. He then retreated to the city before the battle began.

The Calacian forces successfully held off the Realm for a time, taking cover behind the city’s walls. All of a sudden, several Dragon-Blooded soldiers ran through the Realm lines, toward the city gates. Touching the gates, they exploded, allowing the Realm Legion to enter the city.



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